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Mission, Purpose, and Values

Mission, Purpose, and Values


We help food and agriculture partners define, measure and meet their sustainability goals.


To drive economic, environmental and social good by collaborating with farmers and ranchers to grow food more sustainably.


At SureHarvest, we:


as a team and with the
communities we serve.


on earning and
sustaining trust.


with clients to help
them succeed.

We know and value food and agriculture. Through decades of partnering with growers and those in the agricultural community, we understand the needs, concerns and interests of those who grow and market agricultural products.

We believe those who grow food sustainably should be valued and recognized for their efforts. We believe food should be grown in a sustainable way and the market should value those who do so.

We use in-house technology expertise to drive results. From our existing software platforms, to custom-created databases and other solutions, SureHarvest combines knowledge of agriculture with technological know-how to innovate in a way that others can’t.

We’ve been leading sustainability initiatives before it was fashionable. We believe in improving the health of the environment, people and the planet and creating a better tomorrow. This passion has inspired us for nearly two decades.

Actionable insights, practical solutions and meaningful change are the end result. At the end of the day, partners get useful information to improve operations, engage with stakeholders, meet marketplace demands and fuel meaningful change.

We Deliver Sustainability Solutions From The Ground Up

We Deliver Sustainability Solutions
From The Ground Up

Where Food Comes From

As a division of Where Food Comes From, the industry’s go-to provider for third-party certification and verification services, we leverage our collective strength to deliver integrated services and products.

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