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Climate-Smart Agriculture

SureHarvest can support your farm, organization, or supply chain in developing approaches to help mitigate climate change through reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and identification of on-farm or supply chain solutions to improve resiliency in the context of a changing climate.

Some examples of our approaches to climate-smart agriculture include:

  • Identification and assessment of farm-level practices that have the potential to reduce GHG emissions and increase carbon sequestration, as well as supporting adaptation strategies to manage climate change risks.

  • Work with farmers to input and interpret GHG metrics data using GHG calculator tools.

  • Development or refinement of customized GHG emission calculators.


SureHarvest is a member of the Cool Farm Alliance and has experience supporting farmers in using the Cool Farm Tool.

Cool Farm Alliance
Climate-Smart Agriculture
We Deliver Sustainability Solutions From The Ground Up

We Deliver Sustainability Solutions
From The Ground Up

Where Food Comes From

As a division of Where Food Comes From, the industry’s go-to provider for third-party certification and verification services, we leverage our collective strength to deliver integrated services and products.

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