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Consulting Solutions


Our team specializes in work on the development, implementation, and optimization of sustainability performance management solutions.

Our Food and Ag Consulting Solutions

and ESG Services

We support clients in advancing their sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives with data-driven strategies to generate insights and create value.

Sustainability Analytics

Our expertise in data analysis and reporting helps identifies trends in datasets and supports identification of strengths and areas for improvement.

Farm Sustainability Assessment Benchmarking

SAI Platform developed the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) to provide a set of tools for food and beverage companies to assess, improve, and validate on-farm sustainability in their supply chains.

Climate-Smart Agriculture

SureHarvest can support your farm, organization, or supply chain in developing approaches to help mitigate climate change through reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and identification of on-farm or supply chain solutions to improve resiliency in the context of a changing climate.

Facilitation and Training

SureHarvest has carried out trainings and farmer outreach for multiple companies and organizations. The team’s experience includes stakeholder facilitation processes to develop new sustainability programs, as well as to review and update existing initiatives.

We Deliver Sustainability Solutions From The Ground Up

We Deliver Sustainability Solutions
From The Ground Up

Where Food Comes From

As a division of Where Food Comes From, the industry’s go-to provider for third-party certification and verification services, we leverage our collective strength to deliver integrated services and products.

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