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Farm Management Software
Farm Management Software


Farm Management Software

Farming MIS is an integrated workflow software system of five modules, offered as a complete set or by individual module.

It is used by growers on over 200,000 acres to manage all kinds of specialty crops, including Winegrapes, Almonds, Avocados, Citrus, Apples, Pears, Cherries, Olives, Potatoes, Leafy Greens, Eggplant, Peppers, Beans, Corn, and Tomatoes.

Farming MIS gives you the power to:

  • Run off-line in the field, no internet or WiFi connection needed. Sync data when back in the office.    

  • Streamline data collection and analysis.    

  • Maintain pesticide use compliance, including electronic reporting.    

  • Centralize all farming data, lab test results, and weather data.

  • Make better decisions, faster.

  • Track equipment and materials costs.

  • Manage your ‘to do’ list.

  • Access all your data for audits and certification programs.

  • Import and export data to/from other sources.

Farming MIS

Modules and Features include:

Scouting, Sampling, & Food Safety

Scouting, Sampling & Food Safety

Define data fields and templates to reflect what you monitor and how it’s measured.

Collect in-field observations and audit data with a handheld device to monitor:

  • Quality and food safety

  • Plant growth and development

  • Pest pressure and damage

  • Petiole and leaf tissue

  • Crop yield

  • Soil nutrients and moisture

  • Store documents – lab reports, maps, SOPs, contracts – in one place.

  • Relate field observation data to maps.

Pest & Nutrition

Recommend, schedule and record all chemical and fertilizer applications. 


Generate work orders. 


Prepare Pesticide Use Reports for electronic filing. 


Generate activity templates and schedule applications.

Pest & Nutrition
Soil & Water

Soil & Water

Schedule and record your:

  • Irrigation activities using a handheld computer in the field

  • Tillage and cultivation

  • And use of cover crops and green manures

Replace paper-based irrigation program with Activity Templates (electronic forms for reoccurring farming activities).

Import weather station and data logger information to create integrated data set for irrigation decisions.

Yield Estimation, Harvest, and Contracts

Yield Estimation, Harvest, and Contracts

Monitor contracts and product allocation. 


Generate and track yield forecasts based on user-defined estimation formulas. 

Monitor contract requirements against yield estimates. 


Record harvest field tags and monitor harvest progress against yield estimates. 


Track quality parameters. 


Report on harvest data by:

  • Date    

  • Delivery location   

  • Variety    

  • Ranch and block    

  • Or any parameters you want to track.

Planting, Canopy Management & Field Maintenance

Schedule, record and evaluate:     


  • The source of seed and plant materials

  • Planting and grafting    

  • Canopy management and pruning    

  • Field maintenance 



Perform canopy management and fruit thinning calculation based on past or targeted yield.

Planting, Canopy Management & Field Maintenance

Training and Support

At SureHarvest, we make customer support a top priority. Because our team is experienced in production agriculture, we work tirelessly to ensure that our software is integrated into your farming operation to achieve its maximum benefit. SureHarvest provides site-specific implementation tools, training programs and on-going support by phone, face-to-face and over the web.

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