Consulting Solutions

Our team specializes in work on the development, implementation, and optimization of sustainability performance management solutions.

ESG and Sustainability Advisory Services

We support clients in advancing their sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives with data-driven strategies to unlock insights and create value. Our work engages both the business and investment community by integrating sustainability expertise and ESG criteria in the evaluation of agri-food supply chains, from farm to retailer.

SureHarvest services include:

  • Strategy Setting – define the metrics that matter for your company, supply chain, or investments, and set associated ESG and sustainability goals
  • Evaluation and Data Analysis – develop an approach to assess ESG metrics and begin analyzing impact
  • Dashboards – use online dashboards to support reporting and measurement against ESG criteria
  • Sustainability Reporting – communicate progress against your ESG and sustainability goals based on an independent review and assurance process
  • Custom Environmental Footprinting – measure your company and supply chain GHG emissions
  • Verification – validate your ESG metrics with third-party assurance through partner divisions at WFCF

With your organization’s commitment to ESG, SureHarvest can help your sustainability team deliver results.

Sustainability Data Analytics and Metrics

For over two decades SureHarvest has been trusted to confidentially collect, analyze and manage sensitive data for leading agri-food companies, trade associations, farm organizations, universities, and non-profit organizations. Our expertise in analysis and reporting using sustainability data identifies strengths and areas for improvement. This information can be used for a variety of purposes, including farmer outreach and engagement efforts and developing sustainability reports.

SureHarvest works with small to very large datasets in the areas of farm-level sustainability assessment, on-farm inputs (e.g., pesticides, fertilizers, water, etc.), social science and market research, cost of production studies, and third-party certification. SureHarvest maintains strict internal procedures to safeguard all client data.

We also help to collect and make sense of multiple sources of sustainability data to deliver actionable insights for driving meaningful impact. This includes real-time reporting through online business intelligence and data visualization tools.

Farm Sustainability Assessment Benchmarking

SAI Platform developed the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) to provide a set of tools for food and beverage companies to assess, improve, and validate on-farm sustainability in their supply chains. Numerous agricultural trade associations and organizations dedicated to supporting farmers are engaged with the FSA making it one of the most widely adopted sustainable agriculture programs globally.

SureHarvest is the only SAI Platform approved FSA benchmarking consultant based in North America and works as a trusted partner to SAI Platform. Our FSA services are always tailored to a client’s needs and range from straightforward review and validation of preexisting FSA benchmarks to custom-tailored FSA benchmarking projects where program development is required as part of the process. In addition to our work on FSA benchmarking, SureHarvest also supports FSA trainings and outreach efforts with farmers and suppliers and has completed numerous projects related to the launch of the latest 3.0 version of the FSA released in April 2021.

A combination of decades of experience with farmer- and data-driven sustainability programs across a wide range of crop and production systems, coupled with applied FSA experience, offers our clients unique insights to further advance their sustainability leadership using the FSA.

Climate-Smart Agriculture

SureHarvest can support your farm, organization, or supply chain in developing approaches to help mitigate climate change through reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and identification of on-farm or supply chain solutions to improve resiliency in the context of a changing climate.

Some examples of our approaches to climate-smart agriculture include:

  • Identification and assessment of farm-level practices that have the potential to reduce GHG emissions and increase carbon sequestration, as well as supporting adaptation strategies to manage climate change risks.
  • Work with farmers to input and interpret GHG metrics data using GHG calculator tools.
  • Development or refinement of customized GHG emission calculators.

SureHarvest is a member of the Cool Farm Alliance and has experience supporting farmers in using the Cool Farm Tool.

Facilitation and Training

SureHarvest has carried out trainings and farmer outreach for multiple companies and organizations. The team’s experience includes stakeholder facilitation processes to develop new sustainability programs, as well as to review and update existing initiatives.

We have developed systematic approaches to ensure effective, representative stakeholder feedback is received. In some cases, these efforts have involved incorporating innovative stakeholder engagement and program review approaches, such as the SureHarvest Sustainability Value Mapping and Analysis methodology.

Our commitment to sustainability from the ground up has also meant extensive engagement at the farm-level. We have worked in a variety of contexts to support farmer engagement and outreach to gather feedback from farmers about new sustainability programs, as well as for training on sustainable farming practices.