Here's what our
customers say:

"SureHarvest's Jeff Dlott was instrumental in creating the National Wine and Grape Initiative. Jeff knew how to bring people together from different crops who shared a common interest in coordinated research. His understanding of agriculture and high-energy kept us on-task through the process of developing our vision, mission and goals, ultimately resulting in new research funding through the Farm Bill."

- Mary Wagner, Senior VP, Starbucks


Compliance Management

SureHarvest can help you design and execute a sustainability strategy for your company by matching your customer's demand for green products with on-the-ground sustainability performance with your grower-suppliers.

As a co-founder of the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops, SureHarvest is engaged in creating metrics for sustainability performance throughout the fresh produce supply chain. The Stewardship Index is developing metrics for air quality, biodiversity and habitat, community, energy, GHG emissions, human resources, plant nutrients, packaging, pesticides, soil quality, waste, water quality, and water use, that will quantify stewardship outcomes (e.g. units of energy used per yield of harvest). 

The metrics will be pilot tested with supply chain partners in 2009-2010 to demonstrate that using sustainability metrics can improve conservation performance and provide value to supply chain participants by communicating meaningful data to buyers. Walmart has indicated it will rely upon the Stewardship Index metrics for its Sustainability Index.

By combining our experience of creating on-farm innovations and adoption of sustainable farming practices, with our knowledge of the agrifood supply chain and sustainability performance metrics, our Professional Services team can work with you to create a sustainability value chain, from the retail consumer level back to the farmgate.

And if you our looking for information technologies to support your sustainability strategy the Sustainability MIS is a customizable, secure and confidential web-based platform to

  • Measure the sustainability performance of your suppliers.
  • Track food safety and quality requirements of your suppliers.
  • Report on sustainability metrics to your buyers and shareholders.
  • Leverage data to support your sustainability story and brand identity.

In addition, SureHarvest provides retailers with a third-party eco-label certification program, Protected Harvest, to verify sustainable farming practices by growers of winegrapes, stonefruit, citrus, potatoes and mushrooms. Certification standards and audit protocols ensure your customers are purchasing a product with integrity.