Verification & Certification

SureHarvest is a division of Where Food Comes From, Inc., the industry leader in food and ag verification and certification services. Where Food Comes From's divisions offer verification services to over 50 programs and standards, ranging from accredited food safety and organic certification programs, to customized product verification programs, which include:

 Non-GMO Project, NOP, SQF, Gluten Free

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SureHarvest product offerings, including strategic advisory services and sustainability program development, are complementary solutions that may be bundled with applicable verification and certification services. And if you are looking for innovative technology to support verification of your sustainability program, the Sustainability MIS is a customizable, secure and confidential web-based platform to:

  • Measure the sustainability performance of your suppliers.

  • Leverage data to support your sustainability story and brand identity.

  • Report on sustainability metrics to your buyers and shareholders.

  • Track food safety and quality requirements of your suppliers.

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