Strategic Approach: 5Ps of Sustainability

SureHarvest's 5Ps of Sustainability™ is our exclusive performance management approach that we couple with our Sustainability MIS technology and use with clients in the design, implementation, performance analysis, strategic communications, and optimization of solutions.

The full cycle of the 5Ps of Sustainability™ includes the following workflow:

  • Define and/or Confirm Purpose, Strategy & Value Creation Goals
  • Select Most Useful Performance Metrics
  • Review Processes, Practices and Enabling Technology
  • Collect and Analyze Performance Data
  • Provide Confidential Performance and Benchmark Reports
  • Compile Results, Identify Strengths, and Set Improvement Goals
  • Communicate Results to Key Internal and External Stakeholders
  • Implement Process & Practice Improvements

Our team applies the 5Ps of Sustainability™ workflow toward delivering Sustainable Sourcing, Sustainability Programs & Diffusion of Innovation, Certification Management, Verification Services, Compliance Management, and Farming Information Management solutions.

Each step in the workflow is guided by how best to create and sustain client value through their Purpose, Performance metrics, Processes and enabling technologies, day-to-day Practices, and focus on making Progress over time.

5Ps of Sustainability

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