Audit & Certification Management

"At FreshSense, we believe our customers want fruit that is both eco-friendly and flavorful. Protected Harvest certification signals to buyers that our fruit is grown in compliance with strict environmentally sound standards for soil, water and pesticides, and most importantly, that our claims are real.”

- Blair Richardson, CEO, FreshSense

SureHarvest Sustainability MIS provides tools to manage auditing and certification for sustainability, food safety, quality or any other standards required by buyers. The platform supports both program participants and the auditing and certification organization. Here's how:

  • Populate the platform with standards for assessing best practices, processes or performance metrics.
  • Set up facilities (farms or processing locations) to be certified.
  • Record assessment of performance against standards.
  • Store supporting documentation such as lab reports, PUR's, and resource management plans.
  • Submit assessment scores and documentation to auditors.
  • Generate reports showing audit and certification status.

Certfication Status

Document Management features can be used to:

  • Store records and reports of on-farm activities.
  • Store program standards reference library documents.
  • Insert resource documents or link to web-based references.

Doc Management

Event Management features can be used to:

  • Schedule events, such as workshops, trainings, demonstration field days, etc.
  • Promote events with on-line communication tools
  • Manage and organize event logistics (rsvps, agenda, map, instructions, etc.)
  • Record, track and evaluate event participation.

Administrative features include:

  • Content management tools to easily update changes in certification standards and a reference library, including scientific information, resources and news.
  • Robust access controls using secure individual login for data entry and confidential benchmark reporting to auditors.
  • Audit period controls to maintain the integrity of the program by managing when participants can enter/update assessment data.
  • Flexible structure for assessment and reporting of multiple enterprises or subdivisions.