Labor & Resource Management

"Farming MIS saves me about 26 hours per month by streamlining the process of data managment and reporting. I've cut the time it takes to do payroll in half.”

- Chad Vargas, Adelsheim Vineyards

  • Collect in-field labor data using barcode technology.
  • Print customized barcodes that reflect your operation.
  • Send timesheet data from the field to the office, electronically.
  • Process payroll the way you pay - piece rate, hourly, salary, pools, incentive pay - or any combination.
  • Export data to paycheck processing and general ledger systems.
  • Evaluate crew productivity on a daily basis.
  • Reconcile contract labor to invoice.
  • Track your farming and labor costs per acre.

>> View a 2-minute video overview of Farming MIS.