Soil & Water

"I'm using Farming MIS Soil & Water module to record irrigation activities because I am worried about increasing regulation of water use. I want to be able to verify that I am using water as efficiently as possible to regulatory agencies and be able to back up my claims with hard data."

- Steven Dutton, Dutton Ranch Corporation

Click on the image below to view a short video demonstration of how to record irrigation activities using a handheld in the field.

With all the attention on water use these days, accessible, accurate and real-time data is critical to making day-to-day decisions about how to manage your water resources most efficiently.

  • Schedule and record your
    • irrigation activities using a handheld computer in the field
    • tillage and cultivation
    • and use of cover crops and green manures.
  • Replace paper-based irrigation program with Activity Templates (electronic forms for reoccurring farming activities).
  • Import weather station and data logger information to create integrated data set for irrigation decisions.