Pest & Nutrition

"The chem-fert program is working great. It's easy to generate a work order for multiple ranches that my spray guys can use. It's all on one screen - which chemicals to apply and on which ranch. Farming MIS is much easier and faster than other software.”

- Steve Dutton, Dutton Ranch Corporation

The Farming MIS Chem-Fert module will give you the ability to

  • Recommend, schedule and record all chemical and fertilizer applications.
  • Generate work orders.
  • Prepare Pesticide Use Reports for electronic filing.
  • Replace paper spraysheets with Activity Templates (electronic forms for reoccurring farming activities).
  • Schedule chemical applications for one block or a group of blocks with just one click using Management Groups.
  • Specify treatment by block, subdivision, row, plant or spot.
  • Answer "What chemical was applied where?” and other frequently asked questions with the Report Writer.

    >> View a 2-minute video overview of Farming MIS.