SureHarvest staff will be speaking and/or attending several conferences sharing our latest insights about the sustainability marketplace. 

2017 FMI/GMA Global Sustainability Summit

Nashville, TN - August 9-11, 2017

Landscape-level Strategies for Enhancing Pollinator Health Viewed From Different Vantage Points in the Value Chain

In this Challenge Session, a panel comprised of representatives from DanoneWave, the Almond Board of California (ABC), and SureHarvest will present session participants two different landscape-level approaches in support of enhancing pollinator health in the California almond industry. The panelists will also explore how pollinator health, in the context of the almond industry, serves as an example of the complex dynamics both growers and CPG companies are facing when responding to retailer and consumer expectations related to sustainable production and responsible sourcing practices. The context setting portion of the session will focus on summarizing the key issues pertaining to pollinator health. A brief discussion on the voluntary nature of compliance with best management practices related to pollinator health follows, with emerging industry and NGO initiatives referred to as examples. Two landscape-level approaches to enhance pollinator health and increase awareness of the value of pollination services will be subsequently discussed in a breakout group setting with the panelists based on their current experience in the almond value chain. One will focus on ABC’s approach to grower adoption of best management practices through self-assessments, workshops and other outreach efforts working at a landscape-level. The second will focus on emerging efforts on the part of NGO initiatives seeking to validate pollinator-friendly production practices at a landscape-level, which are also dependent on collaboration with growers, handlers and CPG companies.

Dr. Jeff Dlott, President and CEO, SureHarvest
Gabriele Ludwig, Director, Sustainability & Environmental Affairs, Almond Board of California
Hansel New, MBA, Manager of Corporate Sustainability, DanoneWave