Retailers & Foodservice

SureHarvest can help design and implement a sustainability strategy for your fresh produce department and foodservice outlets by matching your customer's demand for sustainable products with measurable on-the-ground sustainability performance outcomes. 

Our Professional Services solutions offer clients years' of applied experience with unique perspective on the current industry landscape. We leverage our expertise to achieve our clients' objectives, establishing leadership positioning on sustainability while ensuring that all efforts are harmonized with industry best practices and metrics, such as those developed by the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops (SISC). Currently, approved SISC Working Metrics include Applied Water Use Efficiency, Habitat and Biodiversity, Energy Use, Nitrogen Use, Phosphorus Use, and Soil Organic Matter. Consumer packaged goods companies and retailers have benefited from incorporation of Stewardship Index metrics into their sourcing criteria and sustainability strategies.  

And for Retailers and Foodservice Companies that are looking to take their program implementation efforts to the next level, we offer Sustainability MIS, a customizable, secure and confidential web-based platform designed to support the following objectives: 

  • Measure the sustainability performance of your suppliers.
  • Engage your suppliers by providing meaningful resources and tools.
  • Report on sustainability metrics to your buyers and shareholders.
  • Leverage data to support your sustainability story and brand identity.

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