CARDC Annual Conference

November 13, 2013 - November 16, 2013
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"The Great Balancing Act: Meeting Rural and Urban Resource Needs" is the theme for this year's annual meeting of CARDC

SureHarvest is a sponsor and Jeff Dlott will be on a panel Thursday 8:15-11:15 to discuss "Diverse Strategies to Achieve Water Quality Improvement" - Going beyond the intractable conflict, they will look at strategies that are working to achieve water quality from the perspective of the regulator, the regulated, and the folks that walk in-between.

Other panelists:
Felicia Marcus, State Water Resources Control Board
Mark Nechodom, Department of Conservation
Lisa Lurie, RCD of Santa Cruz County
Nancy Steele, Council for Watershed Health
Moderator: Joseph McIntyre, Ag Innovations