USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum 2011

February 24, 2011 - February 25, 2011
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Sustainability Partnerships: Standards, Metrics & Markets, Thursday, Feb. 24 at 3:45.

U.S. agriculture and food system firms face unprecedented opportunities and challenges in meeting demands for sustainability. Conceptions of sustainable food systems continue to evolve and, worldwide, situations vary broadly including environmental, economic and social conditions.  Yet, despite the uncertainty surrounding definitions, measurement, and public policies related to sustainability, powerful forces are leading to innovative and dynamic partnerships for sustainability.  This session will investigate how these partnerships can produce meaningful information upon which to base sustainability decisions throughout supply chains and to build and satisfy market demands for sustainable consumption and production.
Moderator: Carol Kramer-LeBlanc or Jill Auburn

Sustainability Information
Speaker: Simon Liu, USDA National Agricultural Library, USDA, Beltsville, MD

Sustainability Index for Specialty Crops
Speaker: Barbara Meister, Marketing & Communications Manager, SureHarvest, Soquel, CA

Walmart Sustainability: Building for the Next Generation
Speaker: Beth Keck, Senior Director of Sustainability, Walmart, Bentonville, AR