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Sunny Valley hosts first sustainability training session

Maggie Guiffrida
February 26, 2015

Recently, SureHarvest's Dr. Cliff Ohmart provided a training focused on sustainablilty as part of the NJ-based Sunny Valley International hosted training in conjunction with the Jersey Fruit cooperative Association for New Jersey stone fruit and blueberry growers. 


SureHarvest Adds Three Clients Implementing Sustainability Performance Management Systems

October 28, 2014

SOQUEL, CA SureHarvest, a leading agrifood sustainability solutions company, announced that it is rolling out sustainability performance management software with three new clients-produce supply chain management company PRO*ACT, the California Cut Flower Commission and the Oregon Hazelnut Marketing Board. 

Rainier Fruit's Employee Programs Verified By SureHarvest

March 11, 2014

Rainier Fruit Company recently completed a rigorous assessment of its employee programs to verify that these claims are indeed true. As a family-owned company, Rainier operates its Good Stewardship Program with a scope that extends beyond sustainable farming to include investments in its human capital and community.

SureHarvest worked with Rainier over the course of 2013 to examine Rainier's wellness programs using their proprietary "5Ps of Sustainability” verification process.


Greener Fields Together Documents Significant Sustainability Improvements

November 12, 2013

MONTEREY, CA More of the fresh produce headed to restaurant kitchens and grocery stores nationwide is now verifiably "greener" and more sustainably raised. This accomplishment is thanks to Greener Fields Together, the sustainability and local produce initiative created by the PRO*ACT produce supply-chain management company, which works with partner farms to implement and track continuous, farm-to-fork sustainability improvements.Via independent verification service SureHarvest, Greener Fields Together has documented significant sustainability improvements made by four of its national farm partners - D'ArrigoBros. Co. of California, Mission Produce, Grimmway Farms and Rainier Fruit Company.

SureHarvest Recognized by the Soil and Water Conservation Society

July 24, 2013

SureHarvest was honored for its innovative work as a private sector consultant by the California-Nevada Chapter Soil and Water Conservation Society.  The award recognized the role SureHarvest has played in pioneering developing technologies and sustainability and certification programs which have helped the agricultural industry improve both profitability and environmental stewardship.

Greener Fields Together Documents National Farm Partners' Sustainability Gains

June 25, 2013

Just nine months after its official launch in October 2012, Green Fields Together, a groundbreaking sustainability and local produce initiative created by the PRO*ACT produce supply-chain management company, has documented sustainability improvements made by four of its national farm partners. Detailed case studies, compiled by independent verification service SureHarvest, confirm that the Greener Fields Together goal of collaborating to effect steady, measurable improvements in sustainability through all levels of the supply chain is being realized. 


Greener Fields Together partners with SureHarvest

December 11, 2012

Greener Fields Together partners with SureHarvest

Greener Fields Together, an industry wide sustainability and local produce initiative, administered by PRO*ACT, a national distributor of fresh produce, has partnered with SureHarvest a leading provider of agrifood sustainability technology, consulting and verification services. The partnership is a key part of the Greener Fields Together mission to effect continuous, measurable, independently verified sustainability improvements in the fresh produce supply chain.  SureHarvest is already working with national farm participants in Greener Field Together, who are part of the PRO*ACT supplier network to benchmark and track sustainability performance and improvements.

SureHarvest and Altamont Technologies Inc. sign Value Added Reseller Agreement

September 6, 2012

SureHarvest is adding LandView iPad and iPhone mapping and report apps to its farming management technology offerings

SureHarvest is proud to announce an agreement with Altamont Technologies to market, sell, and implement the new LandView mapping and field recordkeeping system. "LandView is a simple to use yet powerful geo-spatial app that complements our other offerings," said SureHarvest President/CEO Jeff Dlott.  "This agreement furthers our efforts to provide the best available information technology solutions to agricultural producers and their partners.  Our customers have been asking for easy-to-use apps to access information about their farms or ranches in maps while standing in the field, working in the truck, or back at the office.  Now they can.  This partnership helps us support our customers and grow our business." 

"We think the advent of smart phones and tablets is a game changer for agricultural producers and others in the industry.  Simply seeing problems or an issue in a field alters the way we can try to solve them.  A grower can attach a photo to anything anywhere and assign a task that others in the organization can access for subsequent follow up activity," stated Altamont Technologies President Tom Horsley.  "What really adds value to our offering is the integration with the SureHarvest products.  We can display irrigation, nutrient, pesticide, yield and food safety data in LandView in a way that aids growers in their decision processes.  Some things are just better viewed on a map and the iPad and iPhone are the perfect tools to make that a reality," added Horsley.  Altamont Technologies logo

Certified Greenhouse Farmers and SureHarvest Announce Sustainability Initiative

August 22, 2012

 Certified Greenhouse Farmers and SureHarvest have begun collaboration on a next generation sustainability certification platform based on the principles of performance metrics, technology innovation, continuous improvement, and stakeholder engagement. 

SureHarvest CEO Dr. Jeff Dlott says it will be the first comprehensive performance-based system in agriculture.  "Greenhouse farmers have been on the cutting edge of farming innovations including using information technologies to measure and manage growing conditions, resource use, quality and yields,” said Dlott. " This sector is ideally suited to lead the transformation of sustainability certifications from indicators of performance to actual performance such as nutrient use efficiency.”

 "This investment reflects our commitment to continuous improvement —optimizing our value to society and our use of resources to produce the 'best of the best' in terms of quality, food safety and environmental performance,” said Ed Beckman, Certified Greenhouse Farmers president.


SureHarvest Announces Newest member of the Professional Services Team

June 12, 2012


SureHarvest and Cultura Technologies Inc. Sign Value-Added Reseller Agreement

December 12, 2011

SureHarvest CEO Appointed to CDFA Environmental Farming Panel

September 7, 2011

SureHarvest Awarded "Game Changer" of the Year

July 20, 2011

SureHarvest Announces Expansion of Sales Team

May 9, 2011

SureHarvest honored as IPM Innovator

January 27, 2011

SureHarvest extends Farming MIS to grower relations

January 26, 2011

Hy-Vee citrus display contest to feature certified sustainable Zeal citrus

January 13, 2011

Booth Ranches selects SureHarvest

January 10, 2011


USDA-CDFA Specialty Block Grants to Advance Sustainability

November 3, 2010

Hazelnut growers launch sustainability initiative

September 20, 2010

Dr. Joe Browde Joins SureHarvest

Barbara Meister
June 16, 2010


Dr. Cliff Ohmart joins SureHarvest

September 23, 2009

Measuring What Matters in Agrifood Sustainability

March 19, 2009


SureHarvest Announces Agreement to Acquire ScanControl

January 28, 2009


SureHarvest CEO reviews Walmart's sustainability initiative

November 14, 2008

SureHarvest Acquires Protected Harvest

January 10, 2008


Duda's Sandy Clifton Joins SureHarvest

July 24, 2007


SureHarvest for Vineyards 3.0 brings Sustainable Resource Management to the Wine Industry

November 12, 2004

SureHarvest Announces Monterey Pacific as Newest Customer

October 12, 2004

Investment from Winegrowing Industry Leaders Spurs SureHarvest Growth

August 23, 2004

Founders' presentation opens Unified Symposium

January 27, 2004

RealTool Box changes name to SureHarvest

January 26, 2004