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January 10, 2011

Booth Ranches selects SureHarvest

(SOQUEL, CA. - January 10, 2011) When Booth Ranches, one of the largest citrus growers in California, began collecting data from ranches across the Central Valley they quickly realized they needed a robust system to make sense of their data.  They turned to SureHarvest. According to Paul Adams, Chief Financial Officer for Booth Ranches, "SureHarvest is the only technology I saw that could be called an 'information management tool' because it addresses all aspects of farming.” Farming since 1957, Booth Ranches manages 37 citrus groves in locations throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

For SureHarvest, Booth Ranches represents its first entry into citrus production, having built a strong customer base in vineyards and vegetable crops.  "Increasingly we are finding forward-thinking companies who recognize the value of data analysis to drive cost efficiencies, facilitate communications, and make better decisions faster.  Booth Ranches recognizes the value of information management in farming and we are proud to be their partner,” stated Pam Mitchell, COO for SureHarvest.

CFO Paul Adams was motivated to find an information management system because Booth Ranches started tracking irrigation about two years ago. "We collected the irrometer readings and other irrigation data manually and keyed the data into spreadsheets. This was not only time consuming, but difficult to find meaning in the data,” stated Adams. "Because we are spread across multiple water districts, we wanted to know if we are consistent in our management strategies. And we want to know if we are applying water at the right amount and the right time to impact fruit quality.  With SureHarvest, I can record the irrigation event with a handheld computer in the field when it happens and download to the database where it is available to the entire management team.”

SureHarvest Farming MIS provides growers with tools to schedule, record and analyze all farming activities.  Adams concluded, "I plan to use SureHarvest Farming MIS as a depository for the GAP program, for managing our pest control and irrigation programs, developing chemical and fertilizer application work orders, tracking multiple metrics, and eventually for sustainability compliance.  With SureHarvest, I'll have everything in one place, and I can pull data from different sources for more meaningful analysis to make better decisions.”

About Booth Ranches:  ( Booth Ranches is a premium citrus grower distributing Navel oranges, Valencia oranges, Cara-Caras, Minneolas and W. Murcotts globally.  A family-owned company since 1957, Booth Ranches has grown to manage citrus groves from Orange Cove in Fresno County to Maricopa in Kern County.

About SureHarvest: ( SureHarvest provides software and services for growers, trade associations and agrifood companies pursuing sustainability strategies. SureHarvest Farming MIS provides growers the ability to track, analyze and report on all farming activities, including scouting, chemical-fertilizer applications, irrigation, yield forecasting, harvest and labor. Since 1999, SureHarvest has helped growers farming a total of over 400,000 acres to improve profitability by increasing efficiencies and practicing environmental stewardship.