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April 16, 2009

Zeal for the environment nets EPA award for FreshSense

The Packer
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The Environmental Protection Agency recognized the tree fruit and citrus Zeal brand for efforts to promote sustainable growing practices and increase consumer awareness.

Parlier, Calif.-based FreshSense grows and markets the brand, and it's the only agriculture/food industry recipient among this year's 40 honorees for the Pacific Southwest Region, which includes California, Arizona, Nevada and the Pacific/Tribal lands.


"It is a great pleasure and honor that we can recognize the innovative and important environmental work achieved by this year's impressive group of individuals and the example they set for all of us to follow,” said the EPA's acting regional administrator Laura Yoshii, at a ceremony April 16, according to a news release.

Zeal fruit complies with strict, environmentally friendly growing standards and growing practices that focus on stewardship and social responsibility, according to a news release.

"The growers who produce California tree fruit live and work on their farms, which is strong motivation for them to use the most up-to-date and safest tools to control pests and disease on the farm,” said Blair Richardson, president of FreshSense, in the release.

According to the company, Zeal is the first tree-fruit product sustainable-certified through Protected Harvest independent audits.