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October 23, 2014

Grant focuses on leafy greens best practices

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A two-year project will bring participants in the fruit and vegetable supply chain together to determine best practices for sharing of performance metrics related to input use.

Alison Edwards, project director for the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops, said the group recently won a California State Conservation Innovation Grant for the project. "The idea behind the project will be to design a model for the best use of performance metrics throughout the supply chain,” she said.

Alan Forkey, program manager for the California State Conservation Innovation Grant division, said the project was awarded $75,000 over two years.

The project, called "Creating and Demonstrating Conservation Public Goods and Private Benefits through Performance Metrics in the California Specialty Crop Sector,” will enlist representatives of the entire supply chain — growers, distributors, brokers, retailers and foodservice buyers — to work out what information can be shared and how each part of the supply chain can benefit from the exchange of information.

The project likely will focus on water and nitrogen use in the production of California leafy greens, Edwards said.

"This is something that we know will be valuable for the entire supply chain,” she said.

A full list of participants will be determined in a few weeks, she said.