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October 28, 2014

SureHarvest Adds Three Clients Implementing Sustainability Performance Management Systems

SOQUEL, CA  SureHarvest, a leading agrifood sustainability solutions company, announced that it is rolling out sustainability performance management software with three new clients-produce supply chain management company PRO*ACT, the California Cut Flower Commission and the Oregon Hazelnut Marketing Board. These organizations are deploying SMIS, SureHarvest's secure online sustainability performance management platform.

"We're honored to partner with these progressive organizations to implement the SMIS platform, which will empower them to manage and grow their industry-leading sustainability programs”, says Dr. Jeff Dlott, SureHarvest CEO.


In 2011 PRO*ACT launched Greener Fields TogetherTM, the foodservice industry's first comprehensive national farm-to-fork sustainability program. The program is designed to drive sustainability improvements at each touch point in the produce supply chain. Beginning this fall, many of PRO*ACT's national farm supplier partners will complete online assessments of their energy management programs using SMIS. Information management and reporting functionality built into SMIS will help PRO*ACT enhance the sustainability performance of its farm suppliers, more than 60 distribution centers, as well as its own internal operations.

"The SMIS online platform will help streamline our sustainability efforts and bolster our continued commitment to sustainable agriculture”, says Max Yeater, PRO*ACT President. "It will also bring value to all our Greener Fields Together value chain partners by storing critical sustainability information that supports our commitment to transparency.” 

Oregon Hazelnut Marketing Board

 Oregon's 650 hazelnut grower families produce 99% of the U.S. hazelnut crop. Starting in January, growers and handlers participating in the Hazelnut Sustainability Program will be able to confidentially manage their sustainability performance results using SMIS. For U.S. hazelnuts, this is one more way the industry can balance economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social responsibility for current and future generations of hazelnut growers.

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About SureHarvest: SureHarvest is a sustainability solutions company that delivers practical strategies, proven technologies and exceptional services to the agrifood value chain. The company's products and services accelerate financial profitability, environmental stewardship and social progress. Our services are often coupled with farm management and sustainability program management software technologies to provide turnkey solutions. 

SMIS supports more than 2200 agrifood operations managing upwards of 450,000 acres of winegrapes, almonds, hazelnuts, corn, cut flowers fresh produce, and more than 70% of the wine produced in California. "SureHarvest's SMIS is an invaluable tool for the California Sustainable Winegrowing Program”, says Allison Jordan, Executive Director of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. "The SureHarvest team has worked closely with us over the past 8 years to derive as much value as possible from both SMIS and the data it holds.” 

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