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March 11, 2014

Rainier Fruit's Employee Programs Verified By SureHarvest

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Selah, WA - Happy, healthy employees. Stable, supportive workplace.

Rainier Fruit Company recently completed a rigorous assessment of its employee programs to verify that these claims are indeed true. As a family-owned company, Rainier operates its Good Stewardship Program with a scope that extends beyond sustainable farming to include investments in its human capital and community.

SureHarvest, an agri-food sustainability solutions company, worked with Rainier over the course of 2013 to examine Rainier's wellness programs using their proprietary "5Ps of Sustainability” verification process.

"I'm proud of each individual in our Rainier family,” stated President Mark Zirkle, "Our objective is to ensure that we are taking care ofour employees. They are the backbone of our business, and we endeavor to support them to the best of our ability.”

Notable sustainable health and safety initiatives included the company Annual Wellness Day, on-site medical clinic, safety scorecards and observation program, employee walking path, and low-cost, healthy food options at the on-site cafeterias. Benefits such as a company-matched 401k plan, paid vacation and personal leave, retirement consulting, and other resources for financial wellbeing were also recognized.

Though the focus of these programs is decidedly Rainier's employees, the results impact more than the workforce. For example, SureHarvest calculated that Rainier potentially saved over 900 total work days in the previous year thanks to its voluntary flu shot program.

Suzanne Wolter, Director of Marketing added, "We look forward to improving our employee programs and increasing community involvement. It's a continuous process, and we are excited for the challenge.”