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April 15, 2013

Young almond grower reaps CASP benefits

Bob Curtis, Gabriele Ludwig, Almond Board of California
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Like many California almond growers, Eric Genzoli has been able to manage what, at one time, was the most difficult insect pest in almonds: navel orangeworm.  With timely winter sanitation, he rarely, if ever, resorts to dormant, or even hullsplit, sprays to control NOW, and yet his reject levels are well below industry standards.

In fact, according to aggregate data gathered from growers through the California Almond Sustainability program (CASP), more than 85% of California Almond growers practice winter sanitation to control navel orangeworm, shaking and poling stick-tight mummies during the winter, and mowing them to destroy overwintering worm pests.

The ability to compare his operation to other almond growers throughout the state through the sustainability program is just one advantage of CASP, according to Genzoli, who farms in Stanislaus County.