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December 11, 2012

Greener Fields Together partners with SureHarvest

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Greener Fields Together, an industry wide sustainability and local produce initiative, administered by PRO*ACT, a national distributor of fresh produce, has partnered with SureHarvest a leading provider of agrifood sustainability technology, consulting and verification services. The partnership is a key part of the Greener Fields Together mission to effect continuous, measurable, independently verified sustainability improvements in the fresh produce supply chain.  SureHarvest is already working with national farm participants in Greener Field Together, who are part of the PRO*ACT supplier network to benchmark and track sustainability performance and improvements.

"PRO*ACT wanted to ensure that any and all claims about sustainability can be independently verified as part of the Greener Fields Together initiative and to establish benchmarks against which continuous sustainability improvements can be measured," says Jeff Dlott, Ph.D., President of SureHarvest.  "When farms sign on for verification, we create case studies applying the 5P's to eight separate categories of sustainability: pest management, good employee practices, soil treatments, climate/energy, water, waste, packaging and community support.  Our goal is to generate enough value for them through the verification process that they make the choice to do it sooner."

"Greener Fields Together is positioned to be the strongest, most comprehensive farm-to-fork sustainability initiative in the industry in part because of partners like SureHarvest," says Max Yeater, President of PRO*ACT.  "They understand what we are trying to accomplish and have customized an innovative, technology-enabled verification solution for us and our supplier partners.  From best practices to metrics and systems for tracking progress, they're helping us to keep the focus squarely on continuous sustainability improvement." 

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