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December 1, 2012

Data Validates California Almond Growers' Sustainable Practices

California Almond Board
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Increased participation in the California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP) is yielding statistically significant data that shows the almond industry is practicing sustainability in a range of production practices.  The program is based on growers completing self-assessment modules to report which practices they employ in their operation or specific orchard.  The five modules are: Pest Management, Irrigation Management, Nutrient management, Energy Efficiency and Air Quality. "This level of participation shows that CASP is clearly gaining traction within the almond-growing community," said Joe Browde with SureHarvest who is working with the almond industry to develop and implement the sustainability program.

Growers this year are also able to complete modules online.  Those online modules contain an easy-to-use, autofill feature to assess multiple orchards/locations, and offer participants continuing education credits for PCAs and certified applicators.  A new round of workshops will start up throughout the stae in January.