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September 6, 2012

SureHarvest and Altamont Technologies Inc. sign Value Added Reseller Agreement

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(SOQUEL, CA. - September 5, 2012) SureHarvest and Altamont Technologies finalized their agreement to enable SureHarvest the rights to market, sell, and implement Altamont Technologies' LandView mapping, field recordkeeping, and reporting system. The two entities have integrated SureHarvest's Farm Management System and LandView applications to meet the market demand from growers, farm managers, field reps, and agriculture consultants to quickly and easily record and access their important information.

 "LandView is a simple to use yet powerful geo-spatial app that complements our other offerings,” said SureHarvest President/CEO Jeff Dlott. "This agreement furthers our efforts to provide the best available information technology solutions to agricultural producers and their partners. Our customers have been asking for easy-to-use apps to access information about their farms or ranches in maps while standing in the field, working in the truck, or back at the office.  Now they can.  This partnership helps us support our customers and grow our business.”

 LandView is an intuitive, user-friendly, map-based application that provides site-specific data capture of farming activities or tasks to be completed in the future. It also integrates with several remote sensing geographical information systems (GIS) to enable detailed spatial analysis of farms and fields. Utilizing the "cloud” technology enables producers of food, fiber and feed an opportunity to see their operations in a way that helps them make better decisions quickly and accurately. The Enterprise Edition of LandView allows for the sharing of data with trusted advisors and partners in a seamless and effortless manner.

 "We think that the advent of smart phones and tablets is a game changer for agricultural producers and others in the industry. Simply seeing problems or an issue in a field alters the way we can try to solve them. A grower can attach a photo to anything anywhere and assign a task that others in the organization can access for subsequent follow up activity,” stated Altamont Technologies President Tom Horsley. "What really adds value to our offering is the integration with the SureHarvest products. We can display irrigation, nutrient, pesticide, yield and food safety data in LandView in a way that aids growers in their decision processes. Some things are just better viewed on a map and the iPad and iPhone are the perfect tools to make that a reality,” added Horsley.


About SureHarvest: ( SureHarvest is an agrifood sustainability solutions company delivering practical strategies, proven technologies, and exceptional services to accelerate financial profitability, environmental stewardship and social progress. The company's farming management technologies empower the collection, analysis and reporting of all farming activities, including scouting, chemical-fertilizer applications, irrigating, yield forecasting, harvesting, and labor.  These technologies are deployed on more than 500,000 acres of specialty crops.  The company is the pioneer in adapting business process approaches (e.g. Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean, etc.) to the much more variable conditions of farming, harvest logistics, and packing/shipping.  This business process management approach, titled the 5 P's of Sustainability, is used as the principal strategic framework for creating value with our customers.


About Altamont Technologies Inc. ( Altamont is made up of a small team of dedicated, passionate and experienced software developers all delivering the best of modern app and cloud technologies to businesses focused on the land. Tom Horsley, founder and president has a long history of designing and helping to create widely-used innovative solutions for agriculture. Located in a production walnut orchard in Central California, the company has a global focus with clients in many countries. A core belief of Altamont is that information technology in the agrifood, feed and fiber market sectors will make a significant difference in the efficiency, sustainability and safety of global agriculture.