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July 20, 2011

SureHarvest Awarded "Game Changer" of the Year

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Honored as One of California's Most Innovative Businesses

(Davis, CA - July 20, 2011) SureHarvest has been selected as "California's 2011 
Leaders InAgriculture Innovation” by Grow-California for its cutting-edge approach 
to business, which has a positive impact on California's agricultural industry and economy.
The award will be presented by California Secretary of Agriculture, Karen Ross, and USDA
Rural Development State Director, Dr. Glenda Humiston, as a special ceremony during the
inaugural California Agriculture innovation conference on the campus of U.C. Davis on July 21st.
"The SureHarvest team has been working hard to mainstream sustainability as a core business
strategy in California's agrifood sector by adapting continuous improvement approaches
common in manufacturing to the demanding conditions found on the farm and inside food
processing and winery facilities. California agriculture is a global leader in operational efficiency, 
quality, and most recently sustainability. I'm thrilled SureHarvest's contributions to California 
agriculture is being recognized through the"Game Changer” award”, announced Jeff Dlott, 
SureHarvest CEO.
The California Agriculture Innovation conference marks the first time that the Silicon Valley 
will be focusing on the Central Valley and beyond for potential investment opportunities 
within the state's agricultural industry to help ag entrepreneurs grow and develop while 
at the same time creating new companies and jobs which will help rebuild the economy. 
Conference organizers hope that by bringing the venture capital community together with 
the agricultural community, there will be tremendous potential to create an innovative 
technology hub for agriculture in the Central Valley, which will spawn new companies, 
jobs and economic activity.
"SureHarvest is a true game changer in its innovative approach,” said Jon Gregory, president
and CEO of Grow California. He added, "It is a business that has caught the interest of
numerous investors, bankers and economic development organizations who consulted with us
to identify California agricultural companies who were impressed by their focus on innovation.”
A selection committee comprised of investment banks, venture capital funds, academia and
conference sponsors reviewed nominations and determined the winners.
For more information about the California Agriculture Innovation conference and the "Game
Changer of the Year” awards, visit:
About SureHarvest: ( Founded in 1999, SureHarvest provides
continuous improvement solutions in the agrifood sector through a farm management software
suite, sustainability best practices and performance metrics software, and professional services
to optimize efficiencies, increase production, improve quality, achieve regulatory and
commercial compliance, support marketing programs, and accomplish environmental
stewardship goals. The company's products and services are used by leading producers,
processors, wineries, trade associations, certification organizations, and NGO's throughout the