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January 26, 2011

SureHarvest extends Farming MIS to grower relations

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Technology solution provides grower reps improved yield estimates, quality management and enterprise data integration with Oracle

(SOQUEL, CA. - January 25, 2011) Today SureHarvest announced an expansion of the SureHarvest Farming MIS offering for managing grower relations. By providing data collection tools for grower reps, companies can extend the SureHarvest technology for improved yield estimation and quality management to contract growers. "Since 2001, innovative growers have been using SureHarvest technologies to improve decision-making, streamline workflows and conserve resources. This extension of the Farming MIS to support the relationship between buyers and suppliers demonstrates our commitment to provide high-value information technologies that support critical farming management decisions with greater clarity and accuracy throughout the entire farming operation,” stated Jeff Dlott, SureHarvest President and CEO.

"We recently extended the deployment of SureHarvest Farming MIS for an established customer who wanted to manage both their internal and contracted acreage. Our team successfully interfaced SureHarvest Farming MIS with their Oracle-based enterprise system by integrating the farming data management system with the production, contract, inventory, and financial management system,” explained Pam Mitchell, SureHarvest COO.

SureHarvest configured and deployed its in-field handheld technology to over 50 users for recording observations about farming practices, crop phenology, pest and disease pressure, quality metrics, as well as, cluster counts and weights for yield estimations. Using standardized templates, the grower reps electronically submit key quality and yield information to Farming MIS.  This enables grower reps to share information with their contracted growers, including advice and direction throughout the growing season and seamlessly share key information between the Farming MIS and the Oracle enterprise system.

"SureHarvest can facilitate the partnership between buyer and supplier to achieve their mutual production goals,” stated Mitchell. "By standardizing data collection across all suppliers, our customers will be able to make meaningful comparisons across regions and compare year-over-year performance.”

According to Dlott, "SureHarvest Farming MIS provides growers with the tools to operationalize the practice of 'measuring to manage' for continuous improvement throughout their farming operation. We are proud to announce that our capabilities now extend to grower relations.”

This recent grower relations deployment represents a 25% increase in total acreage managed with SureHarvest Farming MIS.  "As growers realize the power of data collection and analysis to support their farming management decisions, we find increasing demand for our products. The year 2010 was the best in our 10 year history with a 15% increase in sales from 2009, and 2011 is expected to be another year of strong growth for our company,” reported Mitchell.

About SureHarvest: ( Since 1999, SureHarvest has provided growers farming a total of over 400,000 acres with software and services to implement sustainability as a business strategy. SureHarvest Farming MIS tracks, analyzes and reports on all farming activities, including scouting, chemical-fertilizer applications, irrigation, yield forecasting, harvest and labor. As a key architect of the Sustainable Winegrowing Program, SureHarvest securely houses the self-assessment data for more than 60 percent of California vintners and wineries with its Sustainability MIS web-based platform.