By working with SureHarvest to implement the Healthy Grown eco-label program, we moved growers along the sustainability continuum.

 Mike Carter, former Executive Director of WI Potato and Vegetable Assn, current CEO, Bushman Potatoes


In addition to providing overall Food and Ag Sustainability Performance Management solutions, our team has the skill and experience to deliver the following services to meet clients’ specific needs:

Intelligence and Foresight

  • Strategic Planning
  • Trends Analysis
  • Market Research

Needs Assessment and Feasibility Studies

  • Survey Research
  • Needs Assessment of members, suppliers, buyers
  • Identification of research and education gaps
  • Pilot Tests and Feasbility Studies

Program Strategy Design and Build

  • Best practices development
  • Sustainability Performance Metrics
  • Content Development
  • Fundraising Support, including grant writing.

Program Implementation and Management

  • Training
  • Confidential Data Management Services
  • Technical Assistance
  • Project Management
  • Outreach through educational workshops, newsletters, field days, and websites to facilitate learning information exchange

Evaluation and Implementation

  • Performance Evaluation
  • Communication of outcomes to stakeholders

Confidential Data Management Services

Since 1995, Dr. Jeff Dlott and his professional services colleagues have been trusted to collect, analyze and manage sensitive data with utmost confidentiality for leading agrifood companies, trade associations, universities and non-profit organizations.  SureHarvest has confidentially analyzed and managed small to very large datasets in the areas of on-farm inputs (e.g., pesticides, fertilizers, water, etc.), social science and market research, cost of production studies, best practices assessments, and certification records.  SureHarvest maintains strict internal procedures to safeguard all client and individual participants confidentiality.  We are happy to provide client references upon request.