“SureHarvest saves me about 26 hours per month by streamlining the process of data managment and reporting. I've cut the time it takes to do payroll in half.”

– Chad Vargas, Adelsheim Vineyards

  • Collect in-field labor data using barcode technology.
  • Print customized barcodes that reflect your operation.
  • Send timesheet data from the field to the office, electronically.
  • Process payroll the way you pay – piece rate, hourly, salary, pools, incentive pay – or any combination.
  • Export data to paycheck processing and general ledger systems.
  • Evaluate crew productivity on a daily basis.
  • Reconcile contract labor to invoice.
  • Track your farming and labor costs per acre.

>> View a 2-minute video overview of SureHarvest Farming MIS.