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March 20, 2012

SureHarvest Hires New Director of Sales

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David Sypnieski joins company to grow farm management software business

SureHarvest announced the addition of David Sypnieski as Director of Sales.  "David brings over 13 years experience in developing and deploying strategic and impactful branding, market and sales initiatives.  As Director of Sales, David will be leading SureHarvest's drive to expand the company's farm management software business.  This will include but not limited to growing Farming MIS sales, deployment of a strategic partner and channel program, retaining and managing top-level sales talent, and development of improved internal processes to support growth”, announced Jeff Dlott, SureHarvest CEO. "David's understanding of the complexity of farming i.e. that every crop, region, county, farm and field is different, will enable him to match our tools to the needs of the growers”, according to Dlott.

"I am excited to be working with the people at SureHarvest.  Working with SureHarvest allows me to utilize my experience in delivering impactful and valuable solutions to a market in need.  Growers have worked very hard over the past couple of generations to drive tremendous improvements to production and sustainability in general.  With increasing pressures from market competition and regulatory compliance, growers and related stakeholders need an ever-improving set of products, tools and services in order to not only survive, but thrive as farmers today and tomorrow.  Combining production and profit improvements with sustainability, that's what I am working on here at SureHarvest,” said Sypnieski.

David is recognized as an innovator that has been involved with the creation and launching of two start-up technology/e-commerce related organizations, responsible for developing a metric based sustainability program related to the commercial landscape market, and managing the re-launch of an agricultural related technology that delivers site specific, soil based information.  David's unique skills in assessing market opportunities and matching an organization's capabilities to drive sales and market share have enabled his success.  David received his B.A. in Public Relations and Issue Management from CSU Sacramento and lives in Sacramento with his wife and three children.