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January 1, 2008

SureHarvest software featured in California Fresh Fruit and Raisin News

Jeff Dlott

Keeping track of records is one of the most important parts of running a business. When it comes to running a farm or vineyard the vast amount of information that needs to be collected, analyzed and maintained for future reference can be almost unmanageable. Today's technology age brings growers a variety of software programs that can help better manage this information.

One such program that is getting popular reviews is SureHarvest from Soquel, CA. SureHarvest was launched in California in 2000. Having a background in both agriculture and technology, owner Dr. Jeff Dlott, is hoping to provide growers with the technology needed to manage their information, but also to make their farming operation more efficient.

The SureHarvest program is an integrated software system that allows users to plan, schedule, track, report and analyze the full range of farming activities. The program allows growers to keep track of information in the field such as scouting and sampling, pest and nutrition management, soil and water management, contracts, harvest information, quality management, canopy management, planting and farm management, maps and imagery, and weather data.